We Highly Value Our Clients and Partners

To Butler’s We Buy Houses,

This letter is to express my extreme thanks with your company in the assistance in selling my house.  Throughout the process your company and especially Ron lead me through each step.  Everything was explained and the cooperation was unmatched.  As you are aware over the past year many have struggled with Covid-19 crisis and selling a home was not immune.  Every government regulation and hoop that was placed in front of me was met with the support and encouragement of your company and Ron.  I do not think I could have navigated my way through this process without you.

I would recommend this company again and hold them in the highest regards.  You have freed me from a very difficult property to sell and more importantly I can move to the future.  Again, my deepest appreciation with the cooperation, assistance, expertise and compassion you have shown me.

David T.


I had it listed for seven months, and within one week you had a buyer!  Your service was very professional and a “Win-Win” for the buyer and myself.  I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to sell, or for that matter looking to buy a home.

Linda B.



I want to thank you and your team at Butler Buys Homes for such a professional and enjoyable experience in selling my Mom’s home. Inheriting a house can be an overwhelming experience but you helped to simplify things and give us step by step instructions including bids for projects that needed completed for the sale. You were able to obtain a buyer in just a few short months working thru a pandemic and the holidays!! I certainly hope anyone in this same position would consider using your group.


Diane L.

To Whom it may concern:

Reliable and diligent describe the impression I have of Ron Miller doing his best to bring about the sale of my home.

He is very polite and personable, was always in contact with me as need be.

And I do really appreciate that he had concerns on my behalf.

Many thanks to Ron!

Mary S.


I have worked with Ron and his team at Butler’s We Buy Houses on multiple deals now. They have worked with me on cash deals and owner financing. Whenever I want to buy a property, I always ask Ron if his team has anything available first. He has done tremendous work for me and was always on the ball. I would highly recommend him.

Kevin R


I would like to thank you for the help you gave to us in helping us get our own home.  Thank you for your patience and your help with our closing.  I would like to thank you for taking the responsibility for the repairs our kitchen needed during our wait.  Not too many people would have done what you did and getting it done quickly.  I wish I knew more people who are as kind and generous as you have been.”

Thank you

Mr & Mrs H


Hi Guys,

I purchased the property on Eighth Avenue in Natrona Heights.  My family and I are very happy with everything!  Thanks for all the hard work you put into the sale.

Todd J


My husband and I had a partially renovated investment property here in Butler that we needed to sell beings our free time and cash flow simply wasn’t in sync. (Another words..When we had time, we didn’t have the cash, when we had the cash, we didn’t have the time).  So we called Butler’s We Buy Houses in hopes that they could help us out. 

Butlers We Buy Houses contacted us and a meeting with Ron Miller was arranged.  We met at the property and I showed the house, covering what issues it had and what improvements had been done so far.

Afterwards we discussed value and I was given an initial offer to convey to my husband who was not able to be present during the showing. 

The next day we met up with Ron at the property, finalized the offer for the house, signed some preliminary paperwork and took the disclosure sheets home to fill out and return.

Then it was just a waiting game till closing.  Once all the title search etc…was complete, the attorney scheduled us in for our closing date. On the day of closing, it took less than an hour to finalize.  Wow!

Ron Miller has been extremely professional, personable and on the up and up, keeping us abreast of the proceeds on his end. Its been a pleasure doing business with Ron Miller and Butler’s We Buy Houses.

Tami W.


Thank you so much for helping in any way possible to do the closing on the house.  It was the best Christmas present ever! I can’t wait to have my first holiday here. This was my dream of a lifetime to buy a house. I never thought it would happen as soon as it did. And I have NOT one regret! Once again thanx for everything you have done. Have a safe & happy holiday season.


Klein Family



Thank you so much for helping me get a house.  I was not sure I could do it again after my divorce.  Basically my ex-husband got the house and the car and I got the kids and the dogs which is not completely the way I wanted it but it worked best.  So I was living in a small apartment with my 4 kids and my dogs.  I did not think I would ever be able to buy a house on my own,  I have a decent job buy the divorce left me flat.  You helped me do it on my own!  Thank you so much!



You have given me and my family more than just a house.  This is a “home”.  My children have a yard to play in and bedrooms they can have their toys in.  My youngest daughter had asthma or so the doctors thought.  We have been in our home for 1 1/2 weeks. My 3 year old was on breathing treatments 4 times a day and now no longer shows any signs of asthma and no longer needs her treatments.  My husband has so many medical conditions that he is on 16 different medications and a machine to help him breath at night.  He was just re-evaluated and his pressure on his machine went from a 17 to a 10, which for it to go down is almost unheard of.  So as you can see this is more than a house, it is a lot of peace of mind.  Working with you has been just as wonderful as our new home.  Because of the 2 of you, our dreams of having a home we can call ours is coming true.  Again I just want to thank you for everything.  I have never had anyone call to see how our move was going or to make sure everything was ok.  You truly seem to care and these days, thats hard to find.  Thank you so very much.  I will recommend Iannotti Realty Solutions, to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.  In fact, I had one of your cards with me the other day, and I over heard a couple talking about buying a home. The lady said there was no way they could.  So I went over to her and handed her your card, and told her about my new house.  Her husband just smiled took the card and thanked me.  I told him that you were the best people I have ever worked with. 

Thanks again,